real estate

Real estate.

The purchase of a commercial property in Switzerland is a great way to not only secure your capital but also to make it grow.

I can offer you objects as, for example, apartment buildings, offices, hotels, shopping centers. Your investment will be secured by the property itself and you will have a stable return on investment.

And concerning the private real estate, unlike real estate agencies, and as a woman, I select accommodations for comfort and cosiness, taking into account the particularities of each client and their family.

My partner network of private owners, agencies and realtors allows me to find you the ideal place in Switzerland and in other countries.

But if you are a foreigner, unlike in Spain, France and UK, buying private property by non-residents in Switzerland is severely restricted.

Despite this, I’m always informed about exceptional deals: properties on sale that include all the necessary permits and other options.

And if you are planning to stay in Switzerland for more than 3 weeks (for medical reasons, education or business) I suggest, instead of staying in a hotel, to rent a fully furnished house or apartment.