Quality of life is inextricably linked to the state of your health. I will arrange for you different medical check-ups the purpose of which are to assess your current state of health and your exposure to any particular disease in the future. Thus specialized doctors will give recommendations how to get out of the area at risk and how to improve your general condition.

For instance the biocheckup is a precocious diagnosis program focusing on the physiopathological imbalance associated with society illnesses. And also I can organize a blood genetic tests to prevent and manage any risk of illnesses linked to your personal indications and family history.

Dental check-up is also very important to notice in time the beginning of a particular health problem. 90% of systemic diseases are reflected in the oral cavity. All the earliest symptoms of these diseases often appear in the mouth. These signs can be used to diagnose certain diseases that you do not even guess.

Also part of the prophylaxis is rest from stress, overwork and pollution, and Switzerland is the perfect place for such a vacation. I’ve selected various Swiss luxury hotels with SPA-centers, at the lakes or in the mountains, which offer various treatments to get away from it all for several days or more and forget the problems, the hustle and the bustle.

Moreover, Switzerland is at the forefront of aging research, developing unique programs to improve natural body defences and restoration mechanisms in order to slow down senescence. I propose various high-tech and traditional solutions in Swiss clinics to delay the signs of time and age in harmony.