management audit

Management audit.

The management audit is distinguished from other types of audits, such as the financial audit or the compliance audit, by its main objective: to improve the management of the company rather than to verify compliance with legal standards or financial.

The audit aims to optimize the performance, profitability and sustainability of the company, by identifying its strengths, its weaknesses and measuring the efforts to be made to achieve better results.

For self-employed people and for companies with a maximum of 3 people, the audit is done online and lasts 2 hours. The session costs CHF 390,- excluding tax.

For companies with 4 to 15 people, the audit lasts 1 day. The online session costs CHF 1190,- excluding tax. The session offline in a company in French-speaking Switzerland costs CHF 1390 excluding tax.

At the end of the audit you will receive a summary of the situation with a list of proposed solutions to the company’s weaknesses found during the audit. You could therefore either use these solutions yourself, or, for greater efficiency and speed, schedule several hours of consulting with me so that I could help you integrate these new solutions to improve the organization of your business.