about me

About me.

What’s most important to me, is to change some aspect of your life for the better, to help you realize your projects and to make you happy through all the contacts and services I provide. And to do so individually, on a case-by-case basis, instead of applying a standard cookie-cutter approach. Because each person, each family is unique. Everyone has their own needs, tastes and habits: I pay attention to all your wishes and invest my efforts into small details, which allows me to deliver results beyond your expectations.

I like to invent new solutions to each new challenge, to come up with something extraordinary, in completely different areas, but always with professionalism, honesty and quality.

I make connections; I act as an interface, a link between a need and a solution, without necessarily carry out the work of the technical service provider myself.

I was born in Geneva in 1981, and, after having lived for 16 years in Moscow, have moved back to Switzerland, so I know this country from within.

Russian and French are my mother tongues, and of course I’m fluent in English as well, with German a close forth.

Most of the illustrations you see on my site are of me and my clients.